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What is DYMND Auto Scents?

By combining premium, subtle, and delicate scents with the convenience of month-to-month delivery, we strive to change the norm, and bring you an unforgettable experience.

How It Works.

With its curved sides and unique look, the DYMND Mount is just pleasing to see and look at. Not only does it function as a fragrance diffuser, but also a modern and minimal decoration piece for the interior of your car.

Why Choose DYMND?

Enhance Your Mood.

Perfect for Sensitive Noses.

Modern & Minimal Design.

Perfect For...

What Others Think of DYMND

"Absolutely LOVE this air freshener! Keeps my car smelling so good!"

- Jenny H.

"Not over-powering at all like the other scents out there. This is a game changer!"

- Happy DYMND Auto Scents User

 "Check out DYMND Auto Scents for that aesthetic look and wonderful scent


- Sophanna T.

Our Scents

Subtle Waves

A delicate, crisp and refreshing aroma of blackcurrant with a later tone of freesia and pineapple.

Sweet Memories

A warm and inviting citrus fragrance of orange lemon with a later tone of fragrant orchid and sandalwood.