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DYMND Auto Scents

Meet Your New Car Fragrance

What is DYMND Auto Scents?

Toxin-free, non-overpowering, and premium scents conveniently delivered each month.

Why Choose DYMND?

Perfect for Sensitive Noses.

✓ Unlike most car scents, our scents are not made with harmful chemicals.

✓ We use natural scent oils, resulting in a non-overpowering scent.

✓ Perfect for people who are sensitive to strong smells.

Enhance Your Mood.

Pleasant smells are proven to improve your mood and lift up the spirit.

Make your future car rides more enjoyable and refreshing by having a soothing scent.

It is not just a drive anymore, it is an adventure.

Modern & Minimal Design.

 Diffuser made from a single piece, precision cut metal.

 100% cotton fabric mesh cap ensures an even flow of fragrance.

 Silicon coated back bracket will not damage the air vent.

Our Scents

Subtle Waves

Crisp and refreshing fragrance with notes of blackcurrant, freesia, and pineapple.

Sweet Memories

Warm and inviting fragrance with notes of orange lemon, fragrant orchid, and sandalwood.

What Others Think of DYMND

⭐️️ ⭐️️ ⭐️️ ⭐️️ ⭐️️

"Absolutely LOVE this air freshener! Keeps my car smelling so good!"

Jenny H.

⭐️️ ⭐️️ ⭐️️ ⭐️️ ⭐️️

"Not over-powering at all like the other scents out there. This is a game changer!"

Kristine A.

⭐️️ ⭐️️ ⭐️️ ⭐️️ ⭐️️

"Check out DYMND Auto Scents for that aesthetic look and wonderful scent."

Sophanna T.