You WANT TO Keep Your Car Fresh & Clean - See 4 Reasons Why

Would you feel comfortable walking in public with dirty or smelly clothes? Almost all, if not all, just answered this question with an obvious "No".

Just like your clothes, people look at your car and from there try to get clues on what kind of person you are. Not only that, but having a clean and fresh smelling car can have a positive impact on you and your health also. Let's see discuss 4 really solid reasons on why having a clean and fresh car is the way to go.

clean classic blue car

1. Preserve The Look Of Your Car

Don't you want to keep that fresh off the dealer look of your car as long as you can? Well to do so, you need to keep that pain on your car clean of dirt and other things...I think you know exactly what.

The dirt can leave scratches in your paint if left there just makes your car look bad overall. And the bird that needed to go number two who saw your car as the perfect spot...well the acid in its gift to you is also going to ruin your paint. So whatever it may be, clean it ASAP.

2. Better Social Life

Just like we mentioned earlier, people will look at your car and make up mental image of you in their mind. You don't want the wrong image of you to be painted in people's minds.

girl boy by car social life

It doesn't take much to keep your car clean and fresh. regular car wash visits and a couple air fresheners in your car a will have you covered. People will feel much more comfortable being around you and won't think that you're a slob. Your car is pretty much your second home, or home away from home; so keep it clean.

3. Feeling Of Self Accomplishment

When you get your car cleaned or washed, you accomplish a task that you had for the day. By doing so, you'll be moved and motivated to get all the other things done which you had set for that day. This will make you more productive and will allow you to beat procrastination.

to do to-do checklist

If you think that this is far fetched, try it out! It doesn't have to be washing your car. It can be something as simple as making your bed, or reading something small in the morning. When you set a task and accomplish it, it will pretty much jumpstart your day with the right mindset.

4. Reduce Stress

It is in fact true that cleanliness and organization can dramatically decrease stress and make you a much more productive person. Today, it is really important to try and decrease our stress as soon and as much as we can, and one of the best ways is keeping our cars clean, smelling fresh, and organized. Not only will you get much more work done, but also your health will benefit greatly.

stress free at the beach

One way to keep your car always feeling fresh is smell. There are lots of scents out there, but what seems to be the problem? Getting them, or remembering to get them. This is where we at DYMND Auto Scents have stepped in to help.

How DYMND Auto Scents Can Help You?

Today, people depend on deliveries. They want to set it up once, and forget it. Put things on autopilot. That's exactly what we can help with. We get the hassle and worry out of keeping your car smelling fresh and inviting. All you have to do is visit our website, choose the plan and package that best fits your needs, choose your scents, and that's it! Each month you will get your auto scents in the mail. 

DYMND Forest air scent in a older car

Don't wait any longer because if you sign up now, we are offering your first month free as a welcome gift to you! Just use the promo code WELCOME and you will get your scents shipped right to your door. And wait...did we mention free shipping? Well we do that too. So don't wait any longer!


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