The DYMND Mount

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There it is, our one of a kind DYMND Mount.

With its curved sides and unique look, the DYMND Mount is just pleasing to see and look at. Not only does it function as a fragrance diffuser, but also a modern and minimal decoration piece for the interior of your car.

Noteworthy Features

✓ Single piece, precision cut metal body.
✓ 100% cotton fabric mesh cap.
✓ Silicon coated back bracket.

The Scent Bar

One other aspect that makes our fragrances different from all others Scent Bars. Just like the DYMND Mount, the Scent Bar is precision cut in order to fit the mount perfectly.
The process in which the fragrance is introduced into the bar itself ensures maximum longevity and an even release of fragrance, which last a little over 30 days*.

The Fragrances

✓ No formaldehyde or harmful chemicals.
✓ Fragrance is not strong and overpowering.
✓ Subtle and delicate fragrance oils. 

Your DYMND Mount will be paired with our 2 premium fragrances. 
Subtle Waves delivers a delicate, crisp and refreshing aroma of blackcurrant with a later tone of freesia and pineapple.
Sweet Memories offers a more warm and inviting citrus fragrance of orange lemon with a later tone of fragrant orchid and sandalwood.


*Can differ due to climate and environment differences.